Free Walking Tour Vienna

Everyday at 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Approximate duration:  2,5h
Tour price: 0 EUR (tip based)
Price includes: Amazing guide
Meeting point: In Front of Albertina (1st District)

We highly recommend to book the tour in advance – online.
Customers with a reservation will be served with priority.
For your comfort on the free tour the group is limited to 35 people.


By visiting Vienna, with its imperial history and at the same time exciting contemporary museums as well as lively eating and nightlife scenes, you get to experience one of the top cities in the world. Besides exploring quiet places, you can snap photos of incredible buildings and monuments which have stood the test of time while our educated and entertaining guides tell you all the inside stories you won’t find in your average history book. Your free spirit license guide works on a tips-only basis. Tips should be given voluntarily in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and customer satisfaction!

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Deutche Free Tour

ONLY in German – Deutschsprachige Tour !!!

Tour Beginn: Täglich um 14 Uhr
Ungefähre Dauer:  2,5h
Tour Preis: 0 EUR
Preis inkludiert: Phantastischen Guide
Treffpunkt: Vor der Albertina (1. Bezirk)


Erleben Sie auf unserem Spaziergang berühmte Sehenswürdigkeiten und versteckte Winkel. Unsere lizenzierten Guides zeigen Ihnen das wahre Wien und sparen auch nicht mit Tipps, die Sie in keinem Reiseführer finden. Die Tour funktioniert auf Trinkgeldbasis, Sie entscheiden, was es Ihnen wert war!

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Tour in English
Tours start: Every Friday & Saturday 02:30 PM Approximate duration:  2,5 h Tour price: 33 EUR Price includes: guided tour inside the Palace of Schönbrunn with one of our licensed guides (ENTRANCE FEE INCLUDED). €2,20 transportation ticket is required for this tour, if you don’t have a valid daily/weekly pass Meeting point: In Front of Albertina museum (1st District)


Visit the magnificent summer residence of the imperial family at the famous Schönbrunn Palace! A listed World Heritage Site and famous for its exquisite beauty, the palace is visited by millions of people from all over the world every year. Travel back in time as we guide you through the impressive rooms on show, explore the beautiful baroque gardens, and make you feel like a prince or princess for a few hours! Avoid long lines as our timed entry is already booked as part of the walking tour.
What to Expect?
Your walking tour will begin at our meeting point in front of the Albertina museum, next to the famous opera house. From there we’ll take the subway and after a short ride we will arrive at the spectacular Imperial Palace of Schönbrunn. You will be given an introduction to the history of the Schönbrunn castle and its gardens, as well as introduced to its most important and infamous residents. Inside the palace our guide will lead you through the historic state-rooms on the so-called “Highlight Tour” of the palace. After our inside Schönbrunn tour ends, don’t miss the opportunity to walk the beautiful gardens and catch a glimpse of the Gloriette, an arch on top of a hill overlooking Vienna’s forests. Or take a break at the café – a great spot to enjoy a coffee or even visit the famous “Strudelshow” where you can experience how a traditional Viennese apple strudel is prepared.

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Hitler's Vienna

Tour in English
Tours start: Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 2:30 PM Approximate duration:  2,5 h Tour price: 21 EUR Price includes: well informed, licensed guide Meeting point: In Front of Albertina museum (1st District)


On this walking tour of Hitler’s Vienna we explore where it all began! How did an Austrian postcard painter turn into the world’s most hated man? Where could Hitler and Stalin have met? Let us tell you about the cultural and political ideologies of the time that influenced the young Hitler and drove his political career to be leader in Germany. We will show you the scars of World War II and the remains of the divided city after the war. Take a deeper look into the darkest days of Vienna’s history.

What to Expect from our historical walking tour
We will begin our walk at our meeting point in front of the Albertina museum, next to the famous opera house. On this walking tour you will get an insight into Hitler’s early years and ideologies – what, where, why and how the young art student became a feared dictator. Find out what the social and political thoughts were at the time in Vienna, and who influenced the young Adolf Hitler’s mind! Hear and see what 53 bomb attacks with more than 100.000 bombs did to the city. Learn what happened to the once huge Jewish community of the city when ethnic rivalry and fear seized the city. Discover the only Synagogue that would survive the Nazi regime, and take a look at Vienna’s somber Holocaust memorial. Let us tell you how Vienna was divided after the Second World War, why it was the only city in the world where the Allied Powers managed a zone together, and why there is still a Heroes’ Monument of the Red Army in the city.
We will stop by major historical land marks around Vienna and find out what life was like in the city under Hitler. After this tour you are certain to have gained profound insights into the darkest days of our history. The “Hitler’s Vienna” walking tour is not to be missed!

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Our tours take more than 2 hours. Please wear proper shoes and clothes.
Take with you water, sun blocker, rain coat or umbrella – Vienna’s weather might be tricky 🙂

Look for our guides with the green umbrellas! Every day in front of Albertina (1st District).